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8 Places to Teach Yoga that Aren't Yoga Studios

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

You love yoga. It changed your life and now you want to share its amazing benefits with the rest of the world. So you graduated from YTT and now you’re ready to teach for a living. Yay!

Except… hmmm…

With an abundance of new yoga teachers flooding the industry on a monthly basis, trying to get a class on the schedule at your local yoga studio can be a challenge. Let’s be honest, there’s only so many time slots to be had, and there’s a lot of yoga teachers out there. And even if you are fortunate enough to get a good class time at a popular studio, can you get enough of them to pay the bills? The average pay for a single class at a yoga studio is about $20-$30. How many classes would you need to teach a week in order to really make that work? Not to mention the prep time necessary to create and plan fun, fresh yoga flows with updated playlists on a regular basis.

This article is going to give you some ideas for alternative spaces to teach your yoga classes. They have the potential to pay way more, will give you the opportunity to create your own schedule, AND teach as often as you want to, all while making the world a little more peaceful, one practice at a time.


They’re free, they have a ton of open space, and you can teach there whenever. You get to call the shots on how much you want to charge (and you actually get to keep it all), or you could offer the class donation based to make it more accessible for everyone. This is a great option because if you made a suggested donation of $10, which is less than the average drop-in yoga class, and you were able to get 10 people to come—boom. You just made $100 in an hour doing what you love.


Hotels are constantly trying to create more perks for their guests and many of them are more than happy to set up a weekly (or even daily!) yoga class— especially the nicer resorts that already have spa services. Give your local hotels and resorts a call to see if they’d be willing to set something up, even if on a trial basis!

Food and Drink Establishments.

Think coffee shops, breakfast cafes, brewhouses, restaurants, farms. Is there a cool, trendy place you love to hang out? Tell them you’re a yoga teacher and you want to offer a weekly class for their customers. You could suggest a base fee to get in that includes the yoga class as well as a free coffee, drink, or appetizer. It’s great marketing for the business and you get to put your face out there to a greater audience. Plus, if you get enough people to attend, it could be a great source of income!

Retail Stores.

Particularly ones that sell active gear or holistic products of some sort. They may be willing to offer a monthly yoga class to customers in their space. Again, it's great marketing for them and gets you out serving more people! Reach out to stores that align with your values and suggest creating an event with them.

Corporate Offices.

Yoga has been proven time and again to lower stress and increase productivity. There are plenty of corporate businesses in your area that would be thrilled to offer yoga or meditation sessions to their employees. Most companies nowadays have a budget for employee wellness programs, and yoga fits right into that category. Call around the local offices and tell them you’re interested in teaching for them. These businesses also tend to have a bigger budget and you could easily charge $50-$75 an hour for your offerings. Maybe even more!


Lots of new apartments (especially the swanky ones) are starting to offer yoga classes to their tenants. Hit up your local apartments and tell them you think offering yoga to their community would be a great idea. It adds value to the property, and the owners are all about that. The tenants will love it, too, because who doesn’t want their very own yoga teacher on site every week?

Art Galleries.

An evening of yoga and art? Yeah. That sounds like a success. Just think if you could get a musician friend to play some live guitar while you flow, and have a snack bar set up for after practice… so magical. Art galleries will be totally onboard. You’ll be promoting local artists’ work as well as the gallery itself, and you’ll be providing an amazing night for your yoga community.

Private Sessions at Home.

Privates are an amazing way to connect with your students and teach on a deeper, individual level. They have serious potential to transform your student’s life. If you hold your private classes in your own space or even at your student’s home, you won’t need to pay any rent. Private yoga sessions can pay anywhere between $60-$120 per hour (maybe even more, depending on location and individual circumstances) and your students will feel especially taken care of.

There you have it! Eight places to teach yoga that aren't studios AND will lead to great pay, exposure, and positive impact on your community. Now go out there and share your offerings with the world! We need you <3

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