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The Amazing Benefits of Triphala

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Hi, loves. I wanted to take the time today to introduce you to my new best friend, triphala.

Triphala is an ancient therapeutic herbal formula used in Ayurvedic medicine for healing and preventing many different ailments. It’s known as a tridoshic rasayana, which essentially means that the qualities or energetic properties within the plant formula are beneficial for every dosha, or mind-body type. There aren’t any known adverse effects to taking triphala.

So what is it, though?

Tri is translated to English as three, and phala means fruits. Triphala is made of three fruits native to India. They are:




Triphala is special because it contains five of the six tastes of Ayurveda (all but salty) and will not only bring a well balanced array of the tastes into your palate (which we all need for ultimate health), but it will actually show you which taste is predominantly lacking in your own diet. That means for one person, triphala might taste sweet, and for another, it may be extremely bitter or sour. For most Americans, triphala tastes bitter.

The herbal formula has a sweet vipaka, or post-digestive effect on the body, which means it builds up ojas (immunity) while supporting, toning, and strengthening your body’s tissues.

Triphala is an adaptogenic herbal formula, which means it counteracts everyday stressors on the body and nervous system and improves the endocrine and immune systems longterm. It’s also a mild laxative (or a purgative at higher doses), carminative (relieves gas), expectorant (expels excess mucous from the body), antispasmodic (calms and relieves muscle spasms), bronchodilator (opens the airways in the lungs), and a circulatory stimulant (improves circulation). It's incredibly high in antioxidants, is antimicrobial and antibacterial, has anticancer effects, and way more!

Here's a deeper look at just some of these amazing benefits.


Perhaps the most popular and prevalent uses of triphala is its powerful impact on the GI tract. It reduces constipation and flatulence (vata dosha), hyperacidity or burning indigestion (pitta dosha), and sluggish, mucous-y stools (kapha dosha). When patients take triphala tea on an empty stomach in the morning or at night on a regular basis, their bowel movements are improved, not only by frequency, but consistency as well. AKA, regardless of what you got going on in the digestion arena, triphala gets you regular and improves your body’s ability to eliminate waste in a healthy, easy manor!


Regular triphala intake can reduce inflammation and even bone and cartilage degradation due to arthritis. Some studies have even shown the efficacy of triphala to be significantly higher than that of popular anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drugs like indomethacin. Instead of taking drugs to reduce inflammation and pain in the body, drink triphala tea every day (and receive so many other amazing benefits at the same time).


One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is maintain proper gut health. The wellness of our gut microbiome not only effects the function of our intestines, but profoundly influences the entire body’s immune system. It can even be responsible for many autoimmune diseases, as well as mental dis-eases like anxiety and depression. Meaning a healthy gut = proper function and immune response of the whole body = a healthy mind-body system. Triphala has powerful phytochemicals that promote the growth of good, necessary bacteria while simultaneously preventing growth of unwanted, harmful bacteria in our gut. Drinking triphala tea every day can help heal and prevent many dis-eases arising from the gut.


Did you know that your gut health (and therefore your immune system) actually starts in your mouth? Studies have shown oral bacteria colonies can and do spread from the mouth into the gut and other systems of the body, and their presence is actually associated with many different dis-eases (think inflammatory bowel disease, reflux disease, colon cancer, HIV infections, and way more). This is one of the reasons we scrape our tongue every morning! Luckily, triphala is amazing for oral health care. Homemade triphala mouthwash has been proven to be effective against plaque, gingivitis, and significantly reduce the amount of oral streptococcus (a popular oral pathogen that causes cavities and poor oral health).


Triphala has incredibly high levels of vitamin C and flavonoids, which fight free radicals, heighten the immune system, and help the body function most efficiently. This is great for anti-aging, and it’s said in the ancient Ayurvedic texts that having triphala every day will keep a person healthy and young forever. But it’s also great for your eyes! Studies have shown that triphala eye washes (which are very easy to make at home) can help improve and maintain vision, and even prevent cataract disease by up to 80%.

This is literally the tip of the iceberg, friends. Triphala is magic. I hope you take the time to find out for yourselves. You can buy triphala powder here and start making your own tea, mouthwash, and eyewash todaaay!

Cheers to health,


*Not paid to promote Banyan Botanicals, I just love them. :)

*This article is in no way meant to medically diagnose or treat anyone. If you are seeking medical advice, please reach out to your doctor. If you’re searching for more holistic approaches to your wellness, book an Ayurvedic consultation with me or your local holistic practitioner. Thank you!

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