I came to Emily to learn the basics of beginning an Ashtanga yoga practice after dropping in on a few classes she was teaching at a local studio - my first intro to that type of yoga. I couldn't have chosen a better person to guide me in my practice. She offered not only technical guidance for the practice but also sound advice on nutrition, emotional and mental wellness and how everything comes together in harmony. She always was available for questions and extra support- a relationship that has continued years later and one that I now consider a cherished friendship as well. It's so important to have the right teachers in a yoga practice - especially one as demanding and intense (and rewarding) as Ashtanga. And I feel so lucky to have found that in Emily. As someone who primarily has a solo practice at home, it was crucial to have the support and input from a knowledgable teacher and I always knew I could count on Emily to help me address any problems, advise on injuries, etc. The things she taught me will serve me lifelong- both on and off the

Audrey P.

I had the pleasure and opportunity to sit down with Emily when I was feeling so much anxiety around food. Her knowledge brought me back to a place where I can truly find joy in food. She has the most kind and sweet spirits of anyone that I know. Her patience and understanding helped guide me through my concerns around which food choices to make. I highly recommend you sitting down with her and having an Emily experience!

Suzy L.

Emily is such a wonderful human being, who also happens to be extremely connected through her yoga practice. This is evident in the way she approached our private sessions. They needed to be tailored to my specific prenatal needs, as I was 9 months pregnant during our sessions. She was communicative, compassionate, and soothing. She provided exactly what I needed.

Kayla S.